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We specialize in custom residential homes providing advice on design, explanation of materials, working closely with the client on all facets of the project. Our main goal is to create a quality home, comfortable and unique to our clients. Our contacts overseas enable us to purchase direct to manufactures and delivery the product to our clients. We have had long term relationships with suppliers of quality materials and reputable service. Our ability to source enables us to supply a wide variety of products to suit our client’s needs. In Japan we have developed a net work of conscientious sub trades capable of providing any service required. Our bilingually ability enables us to communicate directly with suppliers and answer all questions allowing our clients to feel comfortable with their choices. Through these years of experience we understand the complexities of the import construction business and necessities of our clients.

The Complete House Project:
We provide advice on design and structural details either working with an architect of your choice or we can provide the service through one of our architect contacts. If you have a design in mind we can work with you to modify the details. All our homes are structurally certified by an engineer and come with a 10 year warranty on structural.
We recommend a minimum of 2x6 exterior walls with 140mm of insulation and an air gap between the structural plywood and exterior finish. A minimum of 50mm of high density Styrofoam insulation is used under the floor and 200mm of insulation in the ceilings. This additional insulation conserves heat lost in the winter and reduces heat infiltration in the summer. Double glazed windows are used on all projects. Interior finishing materials are Low or Zero VOC products to ensure a quality interior air environment.
Our finishing products will be ordered to your specifications and we will take the time to explain product details, advise on correct design usage so that your choice in materials suites the requirements for your home. If there is a specific product you request we will source it for you. We provide an initial base estimate; follow up consultation to confirm the materials suit your needs. We assist the client to ensure the balance between, quality and budget are maintained. We will revise the quotation until you are satisfied, all your questions are answered, and you are confident of your choice prior to ordering. We try to estimate covering all details so that costs over runs do not occur after construction has started. After your project is completed we are available for after sales service and will provide information on the necessary maintenance.

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